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This concert -- Beethoven's Fidelio Overture, the 'Adagio' from Mahler's 10th Symphony, and Bernstein's 'Kaddish', Symphony #3, on Friday, January 19th, 2018 -- was utterly fantastic; one for the books for the Tucson Symphony Orchestra.

Regarding the Mahler...
Not meaning to gush or ingratiate, here; Maestro José Luis Gomez gave an extremely thoughtful, penetrating, emotional, and fully engaged reading of the haunting, churning, surreal, 'Adagio' from Mahler's 10th Symphony. Mahler juxtaposes seemingly irreconcilable antinomies; lighthearted street dancing alternates with a Soul being torn asunder by implacable undertow. In this performance, it all made sense. The unaccompanied viola-section-only opening melody, and all of its otherworldly and inner-worldly manifestations, were generously, carefully, and powerfully sculpted and expressed. Then, when the episodes of playful, rhythmic, descending, embellished trills appeared, Gomez let them go freel…